Torkom Saraydarian – The Purpose of Life


Author: Torkom Saraydarian

©1991 The Creative Trust, TSG Publishing Foundation

pages: 220

ISBN: 0-929874-03-Χ


Προσθήκη στις Επιθυμίες μου
Προσθήκη στις Επιθυμίες μου


Torkom Saraydarian:

Your life is the reflection of your consciousness charged with purpose, planning, goals, skills, and labor. If you have mixed planning, you have a mixed life. If your goals are crazy and zigzagged, then your life will be crazy and zigzagged. If your labor is not right labor, you will waste your life. 

Find the purpose of  your life. Plan for it; then find the goals to actualize your plan. Next, develop skills to reach your goals. Then work! This is how all of the Great Ones – Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Masters and Teachers – lived with Their Genius and talents. 



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